Community Organizations

How is the database of resources maintained?

Our database is updated every day as we learn about changes. Resource Specialists continually check resources and contacts to verify changes to ensure that our data is as accurate and as up-to-date as possible. We encourage you to contact us immediately if you see any information in printed or electronic directories that you believe is inaccurate.

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How can my agency or organization be included in the Arkansas 211 database?

There is no cost to be included in the Arkansas 211 database, but agencies and organizations must meet the Arkansas 211 Inclusion/Exclusion Policy. If you would like your agency, program or service listed with Arkansas 211, scroll to the bottom of our homepage, and find the links to List or Update Your Agency under the Professionals column. Here, you can complete the appropriate online form.

Arkansas 211 Database Add or Update Your Organization Listing

Please use the forms below to add an agency/organization, add/update a resource or add/update a site to the Arkansas 211 Resource Database. If you need to add multiple sites or services to a new agency/organization, please submit the new agency/organization form first, then fill out the form for a new site or new service on the next tab. Questions about adding resources click to email the Resource Department.

Resource Directory Account

Arkansas 211 resource directory accounts make it easier to connect people with the resources they need. Resource accounts have the ability to have and export unlimited customized resource lists, save important resources for easy access at a later time and create subject-specific resource lists.